Teak Wood & Canvas Wall Art Set 5


Material: Teak Wood, Canvas
Dimensions: 25×20 cm
Set of 2

Chennai Frames

Chennai or erstwhile Madras as it was formerly known just turned 381. Here are two beautiful works of art conceptualised and executed by us honouring the wonderful city.

The frames encapsulate the ethos of the city. From the rich ‘zari’ borders that we find on resplendent nine yard ‘Kanjeevaram’ silk saris, to the traditional and auspicious ‘kolams’ (geometric patterns made with rice flour paste) that are deftly drawn with great speed and dexterity at the crack of dawn on the thresholds of Tamil households, to the vibrant green ‘kizhi’(parrot) reminiscent of ‘kizhi josiyam’ (parrot astrology) – a centuries old South Indian custom where a parrot predicts your fortune by drawing from a deck of tarot cards, to the customary diamond ‘mookuthi’ (nose studs) that you would find on every ‘madisaar Mami’s’ nose, to the little colourful ‘kuruvis’ (small birds) that hop about in the courtyards of conventional homes to the traditional fragrant glistening ‘mallipoo’ (jasmine flowers) that is an intrinsic part of Tamil culture, to the wood carved panels which serve as a reminder of the intricate wood carved doors of South Indian temples.

There is magic in these frames. They are a fascinating glimpse into Indian cultural heritage. They are timeless. They are a slice of India.

P.S: This product has been made by hand and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process.

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